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Find your voice and rythme workshop

Find your voice and rhythm workshop!

It is always more difficult to find yourself in today’s world. I can help you find the pure source of your voice, a voice that you have not ever heard and yet is yours. By using percussion instruments but also the body, the rhythm is closely linked to this quest for oneself and for one’s authentic voice. Ancient civilizations have always associated music and spirituality. I suggest you reconnect with this wisdom and its liberating forces:

find your voice with the resonances of percussions,seek your voice in screaming, crying and laughing, freeing yourself from hidden fears, communicating with yourself and others without inhibition. Anyone Can Sing!

Program (for adults or children):

  • The voice, what is it?
  • Body knowledge
  • Control of breathing and body rhythms
  • Body language
  • Vocal techniques for singing
  • Rhythms and percussion techniques
  • Word and chants
  • Singing together, harmonizing