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“Kamana” Shamanic workshop

“Kamana” Shamanic workshop

The most important things that connect us to life are the things that are beautiful and good for our soul. In this workshop we meet ourselves through sound, rhythm, dance and colors and we find ourselves in this harmony. Musician, singer, heir to the oldest traditions of the Turkic peoples, from Mongolia to Anatolia, this is what I offer to those who participate in my shamanic workshop since 1992. The members of the group wear colorful clothes in which they want to be seen and paint their own face with the colors of their choice, which makes us all laugh a lot. Each participant brings and plays percussion instruments of their choice.

Together, we enter the trance of a dance with harmonious rhythms and a meditation like the whirling dervishes, to recreate natural links with ourselves. During this workshop, where we will learn from all the living beings of nature and elements of the universe, the ritual of the inner journey can begin. A good start for every new participant.


  • Awareness of your own energy
  • Breathing
  • Meditation
  • Healing with your own energy
  • Thanking your organs
  • Hearing your voice and being heard
  • Laughing
  • Transforming the sounds coming from your soul into song
  • Finding your rhythm
  • Creating a choir together
  • Dancing with all your soul