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The music of Senem Diyici

The music of


Music for me is first of all research, as for an archaeologist; we don’t know what we’re going to find, it’s like a meeting, every time … We search in the dark and when we find something, it brings us to light … It’s a path. In my music, I seek and I am very small in my

universe… In addition, I always wonder who I am, where does it come from that I sing as I sing, from the 14th century or today? Probably both at the same time! What I have found is that we are “hiç”, nothing, and yet a lot of things. We are light and we are a seed. When you throw it on the ground, it grows, and when you grow a good seed, it gives a good flower. Music for me is that too, it’s my garden, a garden where I let everything grow but which is well cared for and which becomes a beautiful landscape where I feel good. Yes, my music is my landscape.

Whisper or cry, Senem Diyici's music is first of all a song, that of a soul, the one that her voice, alternately delicate as a crystal or powerful as a hurricane, will launch towards our soul. Music according to Senem Diyici is such a precious fabric, millennial and avant-garde, timeless, woven of all the emotions, all the feelings, all the dreams, all the joys and sorrows, which make life an incomparable jewel. Her voice is that of irreducible freedom. And the beating of her heart gives her the right tempo. Senem Diyici's music is thus, the song of a soul to which an immense love for life gives its rhythm. Serge Mariani, Art District Radio & Tv

Apart from the main groups with which she has performed, the original sextet, that of the Takalar album, then the various quartets, with which she recorded her albums and gave concerts, Senem Diyici gathered around her, and according to very diverse projects, many other musicians. Here are 3 representative examples: Trio Mystique, Trio Lyrisme, Octobando.


Trio mystique

Senem DIYICI, voix
Kaan SEZERLER, klasik kemençe
Oğuz Kaan, ney

A trio to revisit certain compositions by Senem Diyici and offer interpretations of ancient works, notably inspired by Sufi philosophy.

Trio Lyrisme

Senem DIYICI, voix
Yovan GIRARD, violon
Anaïs PIN, violoncelle

A trio brought together by Senem Diyici to perform works by Turkish and Ottoman composers as well as popular arias, in violin and cello arrangements inspired by Western styles, from the Baroque to Romanticism.



Senem DIYICI, voix
Patrick GUILLOT, accordéon
Pascal PARIAUD, clarinettes
Simon GIRARD, trombone
Lionel MARTIN, saxophones
Jean-François CHARBONNIER, tuba
Frédéric ROUDET, trompette
François VERLY, percussions

Gathered by Senem Diyici, a fanfare inspired by “marching bands”, to play lively music, traditional tunes and compositions in the open air, in a festive spirit.