Senem Diyici.
SENEM DIYICI, pionnière du world-jazz, artiste multiforme avant tout chanteuse et percussionniste, mais aussi peintre.
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A first video clip for my newt album

I have been talking to you about it for several weeks now, I am preparing the release of a new album, 10 years after the most recent but very different from all the others, that I do not deny but this one will be more faithful to my personality, to my sensitivity, to my emotions, to what inspires me and what music means to me. The mixing is in progress, it is still a delicate but fundamental part, where the smallest detail is of great importance. I work with friends who are also artists, musicians, and I’m very happy for that.

So here is the clip for one of the songs from my album, Bir Tuhaflik Oluyor Bana. This song is very important to me, it touches me with great intensity, I talk about my childhood, my emotions and feelings of this time of my life. I hope you will find echoes of your own childhood there, I hope that the child in you is still alive and well and that you will like my song.

Written By: Senem Diyici