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SENEM DIYICI, pionnière du world-jazz, artiste multiforme avant tout chanteuse et percussionniste, mais aussi peintre.
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Nara on RFI in the show Musiques du Monde

On January 18, just three days after my arrival in Paris to prepare for the January 30 concert, I was invited by Laurence Aloir to come and present my album, Nara, on her show on RFI, Musiques du Monde. I was a little stressed because my musicians and I only got to rehearse once before the show. But everything went really well. Hamza Touré on saxophone, Marius Gerin on bass and Gabriel Gosse on electric guitar were with me in the studio. After the interview that you can find here (from 22.10), I sang two tracks from the album. Ruhun Dansı’s video that was broadcasted on the show’s website immediately had a lot of success. Many people watched, liked, commented and shared it. It is a great satisfaction for me, of course. Two days earlier, another RFI journalist had come to interview me for other shows. I will tell you about it in a next article. For the moment, I suggest you discover this video if you do not already know it. You can also watch it again, I will be very happy! The link is here.

Written By: Eric