Senem Diyici.
SENEM DIYICI, pionnière du world-jazz, artiste multiforme avant tout chanteuse et percussionniste, mais aussi peintre.
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A nice article about Narain the BirGün Gazetesi newspaper

It was in the BirGün Gazetesı newspaper that this article was published and it was written by Murat Beşer who says very fair and very sensitive things about Nara’s music. He understood my project, what I wanted to say in my songs, what I wanted to share in my music. Just follow this link to discover the article online: it’s here

Merci encore, cher Murat.Thank you again, dear Murat. 

Senem Diyici is one of the countless artists who have serious difficulty in being appreciated at home and abroad. She hadn’t made an album for 10 years, her last album “Dila Dila” was released in 2011

Senem Diyici is a child from Beyoğlu, Istanbul, who embraced her culture. She made her first record in 1969, and when she decided to look for her roots two years later, she created a large repertoire by traveling through Anatolia with a recorder. Leaving her hometown like others following the September 12 coup, she went to the Netherlands and Paris, but took her music with her to console herself and keep her head held high. Successfully and uniquely bringing together Turkish music and jazz culture, Senem Diyici, who has released more than ten albums in Turkey and abroad, is not only a very good soloist, she is a composer and performer who also plays all kinds of percussion.

In her new album, “Nara”, Senem Diyici plays kalimba, gatam, bendir, jew’s harp and drum and she has invited around her ney player Bilgin Canaz, tabla player Gürkan Özkan, acoustic guitarist Cenk Erdoğan, trumpeter Ömer Can Uygan, and Ersin Ersavaş who plays electric oud, fretless bass, keyboards and signs the arrangements. The album, which was released on CD and on digital platforms, has 11 tracks , with its all original lyrics and music. Senem Diyici, a citizen of the world who feeds on folk songs from the different regions of Anatolia, transmits to us the richness of tradition in her compositions. She bridges the gap of the last 10 years with the musical quality, spiritual height and “mental distillation” of this album. A poet in her songs, a virtuoso with her instruments. »

Murat Beşer, BirGün Gazetesi, August 18, 2022

Written By: Senem Diyici