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SENEM DIYICI, pionnière du world-jazz, artiste multiforme avant tout chanteuse et percussionniste, mais aussi peintre.
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My new album Nâra comes out this month!

My album, Nâra, will be released this May 27, finally, on the ADA Müzik label. I’m very happy about it. Here is the cover. The ebru which illustrates it is a creation of the artist Baykul Barış Yılmaz, in his Parisian studio. A master in the field whose achievements are rightly more and more appreciated. This abundance of colors, the movement that one perceives there as in the heart of a galaxy, like a bodily vital flow, wonderfully echo the feelings, the emotions that animate my music and my songs and more generally my inspiration both for writing than composition. From this, Alain Cianci, also in Paris, produced the model and the graphics of the digipack, in other words of the whole consisting of the album, the disc and the booklet. I thank them once again for their work, their inventiveness, their patience too, just as I thank the team at the FRS MATBAACILIK printing house in Istanbul, which produced the album. And I do not forget that of the studio, Özgür Özkan Mete, Ihsan Apça and the ADA Müzik label, Bülent Forta, Sevgi Yücel and Gül Yalçın. First in Turkey and then in France then, I hope, in the rest of the world, it will be possible to discover this beautiful object. And listen to the 11 songs of Nâra.  

You can listen to 2 songs: it’s here.

Written By: Senem Diyici